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EDIC Statement on Black Lives Matter

Recent events have once again highlighted the terrible consequences of structural racism.  Although much of the focus of attention following the tragic death of George Floyd has been on the United States and its response to the current situation, we are painfully reminded that structural racism exists in all societies and that we must guard against it. As a School, we stand in solidarity with victims of racism, sexism, and social and health injustice everywhere. We support the peaceful protests across the world in relation to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The University of Bristol has an institutional commitment to race equality (please see the Institutional Statement on Race Equality), to preventing racism through awareness building and training and to quashing racism where it is identified. We highlight the Stepping Up initiative, a positive action programme aimed at improving the representation of BAME people, as well as other groups, in senior leadership roles within Bristol and the wider region. The School of Psychological Science shares this commitment. We recognise that some of our students and colleagues may encounter racism and discrimination. We encourage you to report incidences of racism that personally experience or observe via the Report and Support service.

The School of Psychological Science Equality and Diversity Committee (EDIC) exists to address issues related to inequity of gender and ethnicity within the School. EDIC is committed to doing what we can to support our BAME students and staff. EDIC welcomes and encourages you to approach us with any suggestions/issues/ideas you may have to make our School more inclusive (EDIC Director: Dr. Angela Rowe, a.c.rowe@bristol.ac.uk). Please see the School EDI pages.

Finally, with protests in response to the events in the United States taking place in different cities this weekend, if you plan to take part, we urge you all to protest safely and peacefully.

The University offers wellbeing and mental health support to all our staff and students including those affected by racism:

Samaritans phoneline which is open and free 24/7 (116 123; jo@samaritans.org) or use their app

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