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Gearing up for ICTMC 2015

6 November 2015

Our team is busy gearing up for the 3rd MRC International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference,taking place in Glasgow on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November.

Jane Blazeby will begin the Bristol contribution during one of the first parallel sessions, presenting ‘Methods for Selecting Health Concepts and Domains from In-Depth Qualitative Interviews for the Development of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS): A Case Study’

Kerry Avery will follow (on behalf of Rhiannon Macefield currently taking maternity leave) with 'Development of a single, practical measure of surgical site infection (SSI) for patient self-report and observer completion: a novel method of questionnaire design'. (Rhiannon Macefield, Alex Nicholson, Tom Milne, Tom Pinkney, Mel Calvert, Kerry Avery, Barnaby Reeves, Jane Blazeby, on behalf of the Bluebelle Study Group)

Monday afternoon will see Leila Rooshenas present 'How Pre-Trial Qualitative Research Can Change Proposed RCT Design: A Case Study and Implications for Future Research’. Natalie Blencowe will end the final parallel sessions of the day with her presentation ‘Methods for Standardising and Monitoring Surgical Interventions in RCTs’.

On Tuesday, Jane will again kickstart Bristol’s showing, presenting ‘Methods for evaluating innovative surgery: a nested IDEAL Phase 2 study within an external randomised pilot (the ROMIO trial)’. (J. M. Blazeby1,2, R. Berrisford3, D. Titcomb1, A. Hollowood1, G. Sanders3, C. Streets1, T. Wheatley3, K. Avery2, G. Hanna4, C. Metcalfe2, P. Barham1 on behalf of the ROMIO Study Group).

Sara Brookes will chair a parallel session looking at Outcomes: Reducing Bias/Developing Core Outcome Sets, within which Katy Chalmers will present ‘What is the effect of patient-reported outcome (PRO) item order on prioritisation of PROs in the development of a core outcome set?’ (Chalmers KA, Avery K, Coulman K, Blencowe N, Macefield R, Metcalfe C, Blazeby JM and Brookes S, On behalf of the ROMIO Trial Management Group).

Kerry Avery will also present several posters throughout the two days:

‘The impact of a two or three-group RCT design on blinding of patients’ (Kerry N L Avery, Chris Metcalfe, Paul Barham, Richard Berrisford, Grant Sanders, Andrew Hollowood, Tim Wheatley, Alex Nicholson, Jenny Donovan, Jane Blazeby, On behalf of the ROMIO Trial Management Group)

‘Optimising the design of internal pilot work to inform efficient randomised controlled trials: issues to consider when developing progression criteria’ (Kerry N L Avery, Paula Williamson, Carrol Gamble, Elaine O’Connell Francischetto, Chris Metcalfe, Peter Davidson, Jane Blazeby, On behalf of the Internal Pilot Trials Working Group)

‘The importance of stakeholder selection in core outcome set development: how surveying different health professionals may influence outcome selection’ (Kerry N L Avery, Katy Chalmers, Katie Whale, Natalie Blencowe, Rhiannon Macefield, Sara Brookes, Chris Metcalfe, Jane Blazeby, On behalf of the ROMIO Trial Management Group)

For the full programme (including details of our Bristol ConDuCT-II colleagues’ presentations) go to 

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