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Dr Clair Gammage speaks to BBC Newsnight about Brexit

Dr Clair Gammage, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Bristol, Newsnight 30th November 2018

6 December 2018

Dr Clair Gammage, Senior Lecturer in Law, provided expertise on EU trade law in an interview with BBC Newsnight on 30 November, commenting on new trade deals post-Brexit.

In an interview with BBC Newsnight Dr Clair Gammage provided expert commentary on negotiating new trade deals post-Brexit:

“What’s quite interesting about the transition period as it’s set out in the withdrawal agreement is that the clause stipulates that we can’t do anything that would prejudice the interests of the European Union as we negotiate new trade agreements.

So the question I would have is how can you negotiate a new trade agreement with a partner that may already have a trade agreement with the EU in a way that isn’t prejudicial to EU interests.

So strictly speaking I suppose there’s sufficient space to negotiate new agreements. We wouldn’t be able to conclude them until we actually left officially, after the transition period ends, but there is this question mark over what it means to be doing something against the interests of the European Union.”

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Dr Clair Gammage recently published a Law School blog post co-written with Professor Phil Syrpis on the recent draft agreement: "Why the Draft Agreement on the Withdrawal of the UK from the EU should satisfy neither Leavers nor Remainers"

Further information

Dr Clair Gammage is a Senior Lecturer of Law at the University of Bristol. Clair's research interests relate to the relationship between trade and human rights, and the trade: development nexus.

She is a scholar of WTO law and writes extensively on the EU's common commercial policy and development assistance through regional trade agreements. As an international economic lawyer, Clair's broader research interests include international trade law, (WTO); economic and social development; spheres of governance; international political economy; human rights; and, corporate social responsibility.

For further information about legal news, events and research related to Brexit please visit the Law School’s Brexit Centre website.

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