Covid-19: Current Opportunities to Engage with Policy

With the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, policymakers across the UK are looking for expert knowledge to aide their policy decisions.

If you are a researcher interested in responding to any of the opportunities below, or would like any further guidance, please contact PolicyBristol

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We have faculty-specific Associates who are always happy to help. 

Covid-19 Expert Databases

Do you have expertise in a relevant field of Covid-19 research, response or recovery? Policymakers want research insights to sign up to their databases. Sign up to their databases below.

Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office Open Innovation Team database is for shared use across central government departments and other relevant public bodies. If you have expertise relating to COVID-19 or its impact and would be interested in providing expert advice to the government, sign up to the database here.



Other Opportunities

Scientists for Labour 

PolicyBristol has been contacted by Scientists for Labour to share an opportunity for researchers to contribute to policy engagement on Covid-19.

They are working to ensure that the Opposition Leadership team have access to scientific and medical experts, to support parliamentary scrutiny of government policy. Find out more and sign up here. 

Coronavirus: lessons learnt (Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committee) A joint inquiry into lessons to be learned from the response to the coronavirus pandemic so far. The two Select Committees will jointly conduct evidence sessions examining the impact and effectiveness of action taken by government and the advice it has received. Each Committee will draw on specialist expertise and call witnesses to consider a range of issues. No Fixed Deadline.   

COVID-19 vaccine certification (Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee) The Government have announced a review into introducing a Covid vaccine certificate system or “vaccine passports. The Committee have launched an inquiry to consider potential  ethical, legal and operational issues and the efficacy and appropriateness of a certificate system. Deadline 4th May 2021

Jobs, growth and productivity after coronavirus (Treasury Committee) The Treasury Committee has launched an inquiry into jobs, growth, and productivity after coronavirus. It will examine how the Government can reduce and mitigate economic scarring and job losses after the pandemic, how much difference the Government can make to economic growth, and what has caused the UK’s productivity growth to be persistently weak. It will also examine macroeconomic policy, looking at whether the Bank of England’s inflation target is fit for purpose, if the Monetary Policy Committee has effective tools to stimulate the economy when interest rates are low, and whether a return of inflation is a risk to the economic recovery. Deadline: Monday 17th May 2021

Consultation on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the agriculture and fisheries sectors, food supply, animal welfare, climate change and the environment (Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee) The Committee is undertaking a consultation on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the agriculture and fisheries sectors, food supply, animal welfare, climate change and the environment. No Fixed Deadline.
Inquiry into the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on culture, creative industries, heritage, communications and sport (Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee) The inquiry will consider the impact of the outbreak, and its management on sectors under the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee’s remit, including: culture and the creative industries; heritage; national and community media, including community radio; journalism; and, for the purposes of this inquiry, we will also be looking at sport at both grass roots and elite levels. No Fixed Deadline.

We are also aware that other policy priorities, while currently overshadowed, have not gone away. Regardless of your area of research or policy, we’re here to support you. In our monthly newsletter, you can find a list of recent concultations and inquiries - you can sign up to our mailing list here

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