Key Events - Research

  • In 2014, one of NSQI’s ultra-low noise labs was found to be the ‘quietest’ in the UK by NASA’s Mars Insight mission team, and the lab was used to test and calibrate one of the primary instruments for the mission. Insight landed on Mars in 2018 and the instrument is now sending back data about ‘marsquakes’ and meteorite strikes using instruments tested in NSQI. 

  • Two of NSQI’s LNLs provide a home for BrUNEL (the Bristol UHV NanoESCA Laboratory). This facility, funded by the EPSRC and the University, operates as part of the Materials Surface Analysis Cluster at the University of Bristol.

Research groups currently using NSQI

QET Labs (Quantum Engineering Technology Labs)

QTEC (Quantum Technologies Enterprise Centre)

BrUNEL (Bristol University NanoESCA Laboratory)

McManus Group (Bioproduction group led by Professor Jennifer McManus)

Particle Physics 

IAC (Interface Analysis Centre)

Solid-Liquid Interfaces 

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