Cardiovascular and Cell Signalling


Our exciting research continues to advance fundamental understanding of cardiovascular and cellular biology, and translate these findings into novel therapies for patients affected by cardiovascular disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis and arthritis. We achieve this through integrated, complementary and state-of-the art approaches that underpin our major research programmes, and by providing exceptional training for future generations of researchers.

Our research teams conduct world-leading research into fundamental cellular biology and the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. Underpinning this research is a major focus on integrative physiology and pharmacology at the cell through to whole in vivo systems level, combined with state-of-the-art imaging, molecular, viral and transgenic manipulations, and mathematical modelling approaches.

We use a variety of techniques to address our research questions ranging from correlative light electron microscopy to determine protein localisation in individual cells through to studies examining cellular function in a wide range of animal model systems including drosophila, zebrafish and mice through to translational studies in humans. We translate these advances in understanding into new device and pharmacological therapies in partnership with the academic, clinical and industrial sectors.

Our research outputs are consistently recognised on an international level, and our researchers play leading roles in the biosciences communities. We provide outstanding training for basic science and clinical researchers through PhD, post-doctoral and fellowship schemes, exposing these researchers to the full range of complementary and collaborative activities across the University and through our network of partners.

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