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Things we are celebrating this week...

14 September 2018

  • Huge congratulations to Emma Robinson, the textbook she has been involved in writing, Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance, was awarded the BMA Student Textbook Award at the Medical Book Awards on 4th September. Amazing news!
  • Bethan Hawley took part in this year "CF's Got Talent!" competition on at the UK CF conference in Birmingham, giving a fantastic 10 minute presentation about her research project for a non-specialist audience.  For further information, see:
  • Jo Howarth and Steve Fitzjohn attended the Biosciences Education Summit meeting in Edinburgh. An opportunity for academic staff with an interest in Biosciences teaching to meet and discuss teaching research, the progression of Teaching Excellent Framework and the impact of changes to student fess and cross-subsidization between faculties and activities. It was a great opportunity to hear new ideas about teaching innovation and catch up with colleagues from across the UK.


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