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Recent Grant Success 2012

15 November 2012

Recent grant success 2012

Nina Balthasar has received Wellcome Trust ISSF funding on the Supporting Women Returners Scheme at £30,000 for 6 months.

David Wynick and Fiona Holmes have been awarded a grant from Diabetes UK.  “The role of galanin and its receptors in painful diabetic neuropathy”. £185,000

James Hodge has been awarded a BBSRC Grant, “How does light control the activity and electrical properties of neurons integrating arousal behaviour, circadian rhythms, and sleep”? 3 years, £430 K

Jack Mellor has been awarded a BBSRC grant "Spine calcium dynamics during synaptic plasticity."  3 years, £500,000,.

Jack Mellor and Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova (Engineering Mathematics, UoB).have been awarded an EPSRC CASE award studentship with Lilly & Co for Laura Atherton co-supervised with

Neil Marrion has renewed his grant from Belgium Science Foundation (entitled Molecular and cellular mechanisms of electrical excitability) for another 5 years.

Elek Molnar has been awarded a Waterloo Foundation Research Grant, “Could the fetal brain be damaged by molecules released from the placenta?” Co-applicant with Dr. Patrick Case (PI), 1 year  £49,965,

Elek Molnar has funding for a PhD Studentship, “Role of beta-cell glutamate receptors in the development of Type 1 diabetes” Co-applicant with Prof. A Varadi (UWE) 3 years.

Julian Paton has secured funding to perform a proof of principle clinical trial on carotid body resection for the treatment of resistant hypertension. (£350k approx).

Julian Paton and colleagues have been awarded a grant from MRC-Astra-Zeneca. PI S Love; Co-PI JFR Paton & P Kehoe. ET-1-mediated reduction of cerebral blood flow in Alzheimer's disease: therapeutic potential of zibotentan. 4 years. £635,000.

Julian Paton and colleagues have been awarded a grant from the Australia Research Council. PI: Professor RM McAllen (Howard Florey Institute, Melbourne University; Co PI's: JFR Paton & AE Pickering. A novel approach to functional tracing of brain circuitry. 3 years.

Emma Robinson and colleagues have been awarded a NC3Rs project grant, Development and validation of an automated test of animal affect and welfare for laboratory rodents,  Mike Mendl (PI), Professor Peter Dayan (Co-I), Dr Emma Robinson (Co-I), Dr Elizabeth Paul (Co-I). 330K.

Alastair Poole:2012-2014 Project Grant (BHF) Alastair Poole (PI)  Matthew Harper & Antony Galione (Oxford) co-investigators: Role of the two-pore channel TPCN1 in regulating platelet calcium signaling, function and thrombosis.  £153,189. 

2012-2015 Project Grant (BHF) PI Khalid Naseem Principal (Hull-York Medical School) Alastair Poole, co-investigator. Thrombospondin-1 modulates haemostatis and thrombosis through regulation of the cAMP signalling pathway.  £195,005.

James Hodge: BBSRC RC Grant "How does light control the activity and electrical properties of neurons integrating arousal behaviour, circadian rhythms, and sleep?"

Elek Molnar (PI) and David Jane: BBSRC research grant 2012-2015 “Development of biotin-tagged affinity ligands and fluorophore-conjugated probes for the study of native kainate receptors” Molnar E (PI), Jane DE, £ 807,694 (fEC)

Andy Salmon: MRC Centenary Early Career Award (£100k) - personal award to extend MRC Clinician Scientist fellowship with work on glomerular endothelial glycocalyx and permeability in zebrafish with Mike Ashby & Paul Martin.

Julian Paton: BHF Programme grant renewal: BHF Programme Grant Award (5 years):

PI - Julian Paton, Co-PI - Sergey Kasparov

"Brainstem hypoperfusion as a causative mechanism for neurogenic hypertension"  £980,415

Julian Paton: NIH grant with colleagues from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA entitled: Systems Model of Neurogenic Hypertension

Chrissy Hammond: Has received one of the Arthritis Research UK PhD studentships.

Jack Mellor: EPSRC/CASE award studentship commencing October 2012.

MRC studentship commencing October 2012.

Sebastian Oltean and Dave Bates: BBSRC Project grant (3 years). "VEGF splicing" PIs . £473,374.

Ingeborg Hers: BHF studentship (co-applicant Peter Cullen) entitled 'Role of PI3 kinase-regulated proteins in platelet function and arterial thrombosis.' £114,452. 

BHF studentship (co-applicant Alastair Poole) entitled 'The role and regulation of the mammalian target of rapamycin complex (mTORC)1 and mTORC2 in platelet function and arterial thrombosis'.

Julian Paton:

1). BBSRC-Brazil Joint Collaborative grant (4 years). "Impact of exercise on brainstem genes regulating arterial pressure". PIs D. Murphy (Bristol), JFR Paton (Bristol) & L Michellini (Univ Sao Paulo)& V Antunes (Univ Sao Paulo). £644,293 (Bristol) and £625,000 (Brazil).

2. UH Bristol Research Clinical Fellowship (3 years). PIs Dr Andreas Baumabach (Consultant Cardiologist, Bristol Heart Institute) and Julian FR Paton (Physiology & Pharmacology). The fellowship will study mechanisms by which renal nerve denervation lowers arterial pressure in some human refractory hypertensive patients.

3. Venture Capitalist Funding of a Clinical Research Fellowship (3 years). Awarded to Dr Angus Nightingale (Consultant cardiologist, Bristol Heart Institute) and Julian FR Paton (Physiology & Pharmacology).This fellowship will expedite the translational of basic science research into first into man studies for the treatment of drug-resistant hypertension.

Michael Ashby: EU Marie Curie Career Integration Grant for 4 years to study "The synaptic development of cortical circuitry in the young brain”. £100K.


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