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Poppy Mankowitz hired on Johannes Stern’s ERC project

18 May 2020

Dr Poppy Mankowitz will be joining the department as a postdoctoral research associate on Dr Johannes Stern’s European Research Council project, Truth and Semantics.

Poppy Mankowitz’s primary research interests are in formal semantics, pragmatics, the philosophy of language and metaphysics. Poppy will be joining the department as a research associate on Johannes Stern’s project, Truth and Semantics, funded by an ERC starting grant.

This project aims to provide a unified perspective on natural language semantics, conceived of as truth-conditional semantics, and the research on the so-called semantic paradoxes in the form of theories of self-applicable truth.

Poppy is currently an Ernst Mach Fellow at the University of Salzburg and will be starting in Bristol in August 2020.

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