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New publication explores Kant's theory on Common Human Reason

3 December 2020

A new publication by Dr Martin Sticker explores the Ethics of Kant and his approach the concept of common human reason.

In his practical philosophy, Kant aims to systematize and ground a conception of morality that every human being already in some form is supposedly committed to in virtue of her common human reason.

While Kantians especially in the last few years have explicitly acknowledged the central role of common human reason for a correct understanding of Kant’s ethics, there has been very little detailed critical discussion of the very notion of a common human reason as Kant envisages it.

Dr Sticker critically discusses in what sense Kant is committed to the notion that there are certain rational insights and rational capacities that all humans share. He argues that Kant's commitments are less substantive than usually assumed and that this puts Kant in a better position to accommodate diversity about moral beliefs and practices than often assumed.

The article has been published in Kant on Morality, Humanity, and Legality

Further information

Sticker M (2020). How Common Is Common Human Reason? The Plurality of Moral Perspectives and Kant’s EthicsKant on Morality, Humanity, and Legality pp. 167-187.

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