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MetaScience hires three postdoctoral researchers

Alexander Franklin

Vanessa Seifert

Toby Friend

15 April 2019

Alexander Franklin, Vanessa Seifert and Toby Friend have been hired as postdoctoral researchers on Tuomas Tahko's ERC project, the Metaphysical Unity of Science.

Alexander Franklin (just started) aims to understand the relations between theories of physics applicable at different energy scales: such relations are often associated with the terms 'reduction' and 'emergence'.

Vanessa Seifert (starting June) is particularly interested in the relation between chemistry with quantum mechanics. She returns to Bristol having completed a PhD here with Professor James Ladyman.

Toby Friend (starting September) works on philosophical themes on causation, laws of nature and persistence.

We are very pleased that they will be joining us for these four-year postdocs.  

You might be interested in joining us for the kick-off event for the MetaScience project.


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