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Bristol Outstanding Award for PhD student Tina Williams

6 April 2018

Tina Williams has received a Bristol Outstanding Award for her global citizenship.

The Outstanding Award rewards students who have achieved something substantial and significant outside of their studies at Bristol. Tina volunteers as a mental health advocate at a charity in the southwest that supports vulnerable people, for example those at risk of offending, veterans with ptsd, refugees, those with dementia, and people sectioned under the mental health act. This voluntary role developed into designing and undertaking a ‘client perception study’ as a research project for the charity. The work she has done provides a template for charities to assess their services and create a ‘coproduction framework’ which gives patients, clients and service-users a voice and agency, and empowers them to shape the future of not only their mental health but the services themselves. 

Tina is the philosophy of medicine PhD student on the Wellcome Trust funded Life of Breath project. Her research focuses on the philosophy of breathing and breathlessness in physical illnesses, mental disorders, and everyday life. The history, philosophy, and phenomenology of anxiety is currently being explored in a forthcoming paper co-authored with Professor Havi Carel.
With a background in philosophy, Tina is also qualified in cognitive behaviour therapy managing depression and anxiety disorders in both primary care and a holistic charitable setting. 
Her interests include ancient philosophy, philosophy of medicine, phenomenology and existentialism, and the philosophy of psychiatry.
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