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Welcome to Joshua Habsgood-Coote who will be joining us on a Vice Chancellor Fellowship

6 November 2017

The Vice-Chancellor's Fellowships are offered by the University of Bristol and are designed to act as a launch pad for Early Career Researchers. Congatulations to Joshua Habsgood-Coote who has been awarded one of these highly competative fellowships. We look forward to having him around the department. 

Josh's project - Group inquiry and collaborative knowledge

Joshua’s project investigates how groups of people can work together to produce knowledge. Contemporary science increasingly relies on large-scale collaborative inquiries.
Work at the large hadron collider at CERN, the International Panel on Climate Change, and various citizen science projects (such as Galaxy Zoo) is driven by collaboration between large groups of researchers from many different disciplines.
Democratic society also relies on a well-informed public engaging conscientiously with the political questions which face a society, and at least some of the failures in contemporary democracy reflect ways in which democracy is failing as a collaborative inquiry.
As a philosopher, Joshua is interested in understanding the nature of the process by which groups of individuals collaborate to answer a scientific or political question, and in thinking about how a group can best employ the skills and knowledge of its members to answer the questions it faces.
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