Our postgraduate programmes provide world-class training applicable to the critical, contemporary challenges in the life sciences.

Strategic relationships

We have strong strategic relationships with several external partners including:


Research undertaken within our Faculty has also led to the creation of numerous spin-outs including:

In supporting the local life science ecosystem, we are a strategic partner for the Engine Shed and Science Creates incubators in central Bristol.

From tackling ecosystem and global change, to innovation in fundamental biosciences for better human, animal, plant and ocean health; from understanding animal and human behaviour and wellbeing, to developing future synthetic biotechnologies and so driving the UK’s bioeconomy.

Students' subject-specific training and education is complemented by training in a range of transferable skills which, combined with the support of University’s Career Service, provides a strong underpinning for career development.

Our graduates move to a range of roles in different sectors, including academia, policy, third sector, industry, and the public sector.

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