Disability History Month 2021

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Library Services has teamed up with Bristol SU Disability and Accessibility Network to bring you a range of events, books, films and other resources to celebrate UK Disability History Month, which runs from 18th November to 18th December.

Disability History Month takes place every year to celebrate the lives of disabled people, challenge disabilism and help achieve equality. The 2021 themes are:

Student and Staff Favourites

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Book: Six of Crows (2015) and Crooked Kingdom (2016) - Leigh Bardugo

"What I love about this series is that three of the main characters just happen to be disabled, but that's not really the point of their story. It's fun, it's delightful, it's an enjoyable read, and of the main cast half are disabled without making it into a big deal - whether that's being dyslexic, having ADHD, or using a mobility aid to deal with chronic pain."

Reviewed by Nura Alayah - Marketing and Communications

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Film: La Famille Bélier (2014)

"My favourite film is a French film from 2014 entitled La famille Belier. Really heart warming."

Reviewed by Valerie

French comedy. In the Aries family, everyone is deaf except 16-year-old Paula. Paula is an essential interpreter for her parents, and is vitally important to the daily operation of the family farm.

Song: S*******s A********s (1981) - Ian Dury

"Punk legend Ian Dury, who was disabled from childhood polio, wrote this controversial song as a battle cry for disabled rights and against what he saw as a patronising and insensitive 'International Year of Disabled Persons' (which I am sure was very different 40 years ago to todays Disability History Month!). Dury went out of his way to write an offensive song which captured some of his experience as a disabled person and the song was banned by the BBC. As a disabled person myself, who has frequently faced ableism, that want to have a battle cry for when you can't take it any more resonates with me."

Reviewed by Amber Rae Bruce - Library Assistant

If you haven't heard of Dury before then check out Ian Dury: On My Life filmed mid-battle with cancer and shortly before his death, or see Andy Serkis as Dury in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

Disability, Sex and Relationships in Film and TV

Our selection from BOB on the theme of Disability, Sex and Relationships. To sign in to BOB choose University of Bristol as the institution and then register with your UoB email.

Hidden Disabilities in Film and TV

Our selection from BOB on the theme of Hidden Disabilities. To sign in to BOB choose University of Bristol as the institution and then register with your UoB email.

Library Accessibility and Support

Find out about the services and support we provide for disabled and dyslexic learners, such as assistive software, alternative formats and ergonomic equipment loan.

University of Bristol Disability Services

Disability Services provide confidential information, advice and guidance to prospective and current disabled students and to staff supporting disabled students.

Conversations on Disability

Alongside the film and other resource recommendations from Library Services, the Bristol SU Disability and Accessibility Network have also gathered a series of perspectives on the subject from current University of Bristol students. You can read extracts of these or download the full essays, below:

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