The Centre for Health, Law and Society: 'NHS de/re/regulation Workshop'


6 April 2020, 9.00 AM - 6 April 2020, 5.00 PM

The Lady Hale Moot Court, 8-10 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HH

The Centre for Health, Law, and Society of the University of Bristol Law School is pleased to organise a workshop to discuss the Proposal for an NHS Bill supporting the roll-out of the NHS Long-term Plan with leading practitioners and academics.

As demonstrated by the 2019 Inquiry held by the Commons Select Committee on Health and Social Care on the earlier 'NHS Long-term Plan: legislative proposals', these are controversial topics with potential long-lasting impacts on the functioning of the English NHS. They thus require careful consideration ahead of the implementation of any policy and legal reforms.

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the reform proposals for the NHS internal market from the perspective of competition and public procurement law, as well as its legal, governance and economic implications.

The workshop aims to be highly interactive and to allow for the formulation of policy recommendations on how best to take the Proposal for an NHS Bill forward. The findings of the workshop will be collected in a policy briefing with the aim of informing future debates of the Bill and any other related reforms of the governance of the NHS internal market.

The programme and confirmed list of speakers is as follows:

Session 1: Competition in the NHS internal market

• NHS internal market: overview & recent trends - Dr Mary Guy (Lancaster)

• NHS internal market and anticompetitive conduct - Dr Okeoghene Odudu (Cambridge)

• NHS internal market structure: merger review - Mr Andrew Taylor (Aldwych Partners, former Director of the NHS Cooperation and Competition Panel)

• NHS hospital merger control: a systematic review - Dr Edith MH Loozen (VU Amsterdam)

• NHS internal market: outsourcing knowledge to management consultants - Prof Gianluca Veronesi (Bristol)

Session 2: Procurement in the NHS internal market

• NHS procurement: strategy: a long view - Mr Rob Knott (Intelligent Client Limited, former National Director of NHS Procurement)

• NHS procurement: commissioning and outcomes - Dr Josh Pritchard (Reform)

• NHS procurement: supply chain centralisation as a service of general economic interest - Prof Albert Sanchez-Graells (Bristol)

Session 3: Open discussion of alternative regulatory approaches to NHS competition and procurement

Registration for this event is now open. 


Contact information

For further information, please contact the organiser, Prof Albert Sanchez-Graells, Professor of Economic Law, University of Bristol Law School:

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