The Centre for Law and History Research Seminar: 'The Presence of the Past: Law v. History’

29 January 2020, 4.30 PM - 29 January 2020, 6.00 PM

3.30 Wills Memorial Building

The Centre for Law and History, University of Bristol Law School invites you to attend its inaugural seminar.

Law and history have many links, but their relationship may be a tense one. Legal scholars often look into the past for precedents. They may need to consult and interpret medieval statutes, the statements of seventeenth century jurists or Victorian cases. They are also confronted with laws and decisions so opposed to their own morality that some sort of correction or reparation seems necessary (think about slavery, the imprisonment of conscientious objectors or criminal penalties for homosexual conduct). These tensions and interactions between law and history are at the heart of our scholarship. This seminar will give examples of and perspectives on encounters between the past and present of law.

Professor Lois Bibbings | Title: 'Pardoning the past'

Dr Catherine Kelly | Title: 'Medicine and Patents in Nineteenth Century Britain'

Dr Joanna McCunn | Title: 'English and European law: “Never the twain shall meet”?’

Dr Chathuni Jayathilaka | Title: ‘”Auld Lang Syne“? Looking to the past for answers in Scots law’

Professor Gwen Seabourne | Title: ‘Previous encounters: property, adultery and the dangers of deference to the past’

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Further Information/ Contact Information
The Centre for Law and History Research at the University of Bristol Law School was set up in 2019. It highlights the need for historical perspectives in legal scholarship and promotes excellent research into the varied histories of law. For more information, see  and follow us on Twitter: @LawHistResearch

Please direct all queries regarding this event to Paige Spicer.

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