Costs of living in Bristol

House and flat and flat prices in Bristol have risen over the past few years not least because Bristol was voted the best place to live in Britain by the Sunday Times in 2017. Prices will vary from area to area and you should bear this in mind when thinking about where you wish to live in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

An average rental cost starts from approximately £700 for a 1 bedroom flat rising to £1500 for a 3-bedroom property. The closer you live to the University the higher the cost will be. Useful market activity can be found at along with information of places to both buy and rent.

Letting Agents use a rent affordability calculator – your salary must be equivalent to 30 x the monthly rent e.g. rent £700 per month /annual salary £21,000. You should allow at least £625 per adult per month to cover all your housing costs. This breaks down as shown below (average per month)

Private Sector Rent: Average £550 per room
Utilities (gas, electricity, water) £60
Internet: £10
Insurance: £5

Deposit: You will need a deposit up front which is usually around 1 month – 6 weeks rent. A deposit is a sum of money that provides your landlord with financial security against any unpaid rent or damage that you may cause and should be returned to you in full at the end of your tenancy unless your landlord can prove that s/he has suffered a financial loss due to your actions.

Credit Checks/Guarantors: All agencies carry out credit history checks, some agencies can carry out checks on people from outside the UK but many do not. This can lead to a request for a UK guarantor who will guarantee your rent for the duration of the tenancy. If a credit check or guarantor are not available, you may have to pay the whole years rent up front. There companies who will act as a guarantor, but they charge for this service example

University Managed Properties

As a guide single rooms with the university are approximately £500-£550 per month including all bills and 1-2 bed flats are £1250 - £1450 per month. Family properties range from to £1300 to £1700

More advice can be found at

Short term stays

Below is an indication of costs, you may be able to find cheaper shopping around and all prices depend on time of year and facilities required. 

Hotel - rooms start at approx £80 per night

Serviced apartment - from £80 - £200 per night

Room in short stay house - £200 - £350 per week

Short term stay studios - from £50 per night

Mid term lets (1 month - 5 months) - from £45 per night

Airbnb - range between £30 - £70 per night