International Scholar Showcase, 4–7 May 2021

We are showcasing the incredible talent of our international scholarship and sponsored students through a series of live webinars as well as virtual display spaces for students' work.

View our participants profiles and work below to learn all about our students and what they are studying at Bristol.

Our students will present a series of webinars about a variety of topics and themes including:

  • academic research undertaken here at the University of Bristol
  • student experiences
  • LGBT rights
  • the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • volunteering
  • education.


SubjectEvent details

A selection of presentations along the theme of 'Science and Nature', including:

  • 'Beyond Healthcare for a Healthy Generation', Mable Kipenda
  • 'What Works for which Networks and under what Circumstances to Improve Scale-Up and Sustainability of Complex, Community-Based, LMIC Health Promotion Interventions?', Nina Abrahams
  • 'In-line Eddy-Current Testing (ECT) of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)', Meirbek Mussatayev
  • 'Burden and Causes of Ongoing Paediatric Infectious Disease Morbidity and Mortality in the Western Cape Province of South Africa', Kathleen Kehoe
  • 'Legal Barriers enhancing Teenage Pregnancies: A case of Kilifi County', Winnie Luvuno Tsuma
  • 'Probing the heterogeneity of subtypes of midbrain dopamine neurons: unique protein expressions and projections', Haruka Kawamura
  • 'The Power of Volunteering', Christeen Cjahua Ramirez

Tuesday 4 May

9:30 am–11 am


A selection of presentations along the theme of 'Art and Society', including:

  • 'LGBT Young Generations and Contemporary Families in Mainland China', Fengqiang Wang
  • 'Female Education and the Future', Rika Rostika
  • 'Postcolonial Legal Consciousness: Exploring the subaltern understanding', Arpeeta Mizan
  • 'Women's Everyday Experiences in Modernised China: One country, multiple stories', Yunyan Li
  • 'Reforming the Eastern African Education System', Petra Kuria

Thursday 6 May

11:30 am–1 pm


A selection of presentations along the theme of 'Student Experiences', including:

  • 'The Role of Mindfulness in Education', Claudia Rosari Dewi
  • 'Extracurricular Opportunities: Drones to Fight Locusts in Africa', Jenna Barker
  • 'Scholarship Students and Mental Health', Husnaa Haaniyah Mohd Sahid

Friday 7 May

11:30 am–1 pm


In addition to webinars, some of our scholars have chosen to display their work virtually. You can view their work using the links on their profiles:

Our scholars

The international scholar showcase is held as part of the wider University of Bristol Festival of Research and International Partnerships.

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