Runway is where student startups take flight. Catalysing the creation of sustainable, highflying, high impact ventures through infrastructure, investment and entrepreneurial knowhow. Our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs who have already made a difference. We can help you to make a difference. We are open to students and graduates from across the University of Bristol.

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Jim and Peggy Wilkinson Innovation Fund

Next Deadline: Midday 17th October 2022


The innovation fund will operate like any other grant funding application in that entrepreneurs can bid for funding to cover specific projects that will advance their capability to tackle problems that are worth solving. £75,000 will be awarded in 3 funding rounds per year. This competition was made possible by the generous support of the Wilkinson Charitable Trust. More information on the competition can be found here.

Please e-mail files or download links to with "Jim and Peggy Wilkinson October Application" in the headline.

While funding takes the form of non-repayable grants, the judges will be looking for which projects will deliver the highest impact from the funding available. To evidence this please submit a 2-3 page proposal (.pdf or .docx format) that demonstrates:

  • Potential. Highlight the benefit to society of the capability that the project will deliver and why this capability is better than existing alternatives.
  • Plan. Include details of the project that demonstrates that it will be well executed and is likely to achieve its intended outcomes even if the project shows that the idea is not worth pursuing, which could not have been predicted without doing the work.
  • Value. Show why this particular project is worth investing in above all others
  • Communication. Although not explicitly judged, the ability to communicate the benefits of the project in a concise and compelling way will influence your chances of being awarded funding.

Awards announcements will be made before October 26th 2022. 

For any questions and submissions please e-mail

I'm very grateful to be able to work in Runway! It will be a big step forwards for PEEQUAL, we will finally leave our bedrooms and begin to work in a space which supports and enables our development.

Amber and Hazel, Directors, PEEQUAL ltd

 Commit full throttle

The aim of the Runway Programme is to accelerate graduate ventures beyond planning and validation towards practical delivery of value. We know stakeholders will never fully commit to a venture unless they believe it will really take off. We help graduate start-ups take flight.

The key start-up programme provides professionalism, mentoring and a tailored plan for each business that is based within the multi-award-winning Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Runway allows each University of Bristol graduate to depart with the knowledge and structures in place to deliver upon their entrepreneurial ambition. Pushing for success through a chain of infrastructure, improvement, and investment are an experienced team with success across many entrepreneurial ventures.

Runway boasts private meeting rooms, breakout space and professional presentation venues; access to student consultancy and interns; designers and prototyping facilities; mentoring and advice and importantly an inhouse investment fund.

As a member of the Runway programme you will be mentored by experienced Entrepreneurs in Residence and have full access to our training programme. This includes online lectures and resources specific to helping new entrepreneurs get up and running. 

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