Mobile and removable devices

  • Don't leave laptops, phones, PDAs, memory sticks, external hard drives or any other processing or storage media unattended.
  • Do keep mobile and removable devices and media on your person or locked away when you are away from the office.
  • Do lock your office door if you pop out even for just a minute.
  • Do report any losses.
  • Don't store or process restricted University data or personal data on a non-encrypted mobile or storage device.
  • Do ensure that any mobile or storage devices on which restricted or personal data are stored or processed are encrypted - items in locked offices can be stolen.
  • Don't use unencrypted, non-UOB-approved memory sticks to transfer UOB data between workplaces.
  • Don't simply put your encrypted mobile device into sleep mode when it is at risk of theft (e.g. whilst in transit).
  • Do power your mobile device down fully so that if it is stolen, the data cannot be accessed.
  • Don't copy the entire University contact directory to your mobile phone.
  • Do keep the phone numbers of the people you work with most closely.
  • Do delete phone numbers when they are no longer required for work purposes.
  • Don't store the only copy of data on an encrypted memory stick or on an encrypted hard drive partition.
  • Do have a securely held backup of data in the event of the encrypted item being lost or stolen or of forgetting the encryption key.