Email encryption

All members of the university must act in accordance with the relevant laws and University Information Security Policies.

You must not, under any circumstances, use email to send strictly confidential University data (including data that is classed as 'sensitive' under the Data Protection Act) unless that data is encrypted first. This includes data in both the email and any attachments. Do not, under any circumstances, use Hotmail or other external email service for sending or storing restricted University or sensitive data.

Rather than use email, if possible, encrypt files and store them on a secure local (dept/faculty) or central file server and ensure that only those who should have access do have access.

We recommend that when you need to encrypt your files, you use the 7-Zip software to encrypt them. 7-Zip allows you to create encrypted copies of your files (they are referred to as archives) in either .zip or .7z format. Many sites block encrypted .zip archives in emails but few block encrypted .7z so we recommend that you create .7z archives. If you are unable to send .7z archives in emails, then you could try sending in .zip format instead.

For general guidance on encryption: