Hardware and data disposal

Deleting files from hard drives and other storage media, including formatting of these drives and media, does not necessarily remove the data.  You should be aware of the University's policy for disposal of computer equipment.

Major security problems can occur if old equipment, storage media or hard copies of documents are disposed of in an inappropriate way.  It is not just UOB equipment and documents that need to be considered, but also any personal computer, mobile device or storage media that has been used to process or store UOB data and any printout of UOB data that you have made away from work.

  • Don't throw out old CDs, memory sticks, floppy disks or other storage media, even if you have formatted them or otherwise deleted the data from them.
  • Don't casually dispose of any personal PC, laptop or other data processing device that you have used for processing UOB data, even if you have formatted the hard drive or otherwise deleted the data on it.
  • Don't automatically put all print outs into the recycling bins when the data is no longer required.
  • Do use the UOB Data Classification Scheme to identify the classification of printed data. Place print outs including only public or open data in the recycling bins.
  • Shred any paper including confidential, strictly confidential or secret data, even if the data is no longer current - see the box below for further information on shredding.
  • Don't store data either on computer, storage device or as hard copy when you no longer need it.
  • Do delete or securely dispose of data when you no longer need it - and don't forget to do the same with any backups you have made. 
  • Keeping data is a risk - and data also goes out of date - if you need it later, then get up-to-date data.
Grey "Shred-It" bins are available around the University. If you have large quantities of paper to shred please contact sustainability-estates@bristol.ac.uk who can provide extra Shred-IT bags.