How to reduce the chance of having your emails marked as spam

Emails that look as if they have been sent from staff or students are being used to send malware and capture personal information. The University uses a spam filtering service to scan all emails, including messages between members of the University. The service looks for common signs that email messages contain malware or are being used to capture information from staff (see information on email threats).

Here are a few simple tips to prevent your legitimate email ending up in a colleagues spam folder. Avoid:

Guidance on avoiding getting you email labelled as spam is always being updated so please search the web for the latest information.

Don't forget to check your spam folder

We advise all staff and students to check their junk/spam folder regularly because there is always the possibility that legitimate messages can be marked as junk/spam. If you find messages that are not junk in your junk folder, you can mark them as ‘Not junk’ so that the system can learn not to mark such messages as spam in the future. Please only mark genuine junk mail as junk.