The University’s Days to Make a Difference initiative entitles every member of staff to an additional day of paid leave to volunteer for a charity, organisation or other good cause. Teams may wish to use this day together and volunteer as a group. This is covered under the Public Duties and Volunteering Policy.

In this time of significant challenges for many in our own community and in our city, it is right that we are supporting the Welcoming Spaces initiative, and that we continue to actively look at other ways to support our city in this crisis. I would encourage staff to take up their allocated volunteering day where possible to do this. Whilst we face challenges, we are based in a city that is both caring and resourceful, and it’s heartening to see us coming together to deal with these challenges – and for our University to be a part of that.

Lucinda Parr

As part of our partnership with Bristol City Council, the University participates in the Council’s weekly Cost of Living Coordination Group – a cross-city group comprising a wide-range of community organisations. We update on our activities to support our staff and students, hear equivalent updates from others, and find out about city and Council priorities, initiatives and calls-for-action that emerge from the city-wide conversation.

Bristol City Council is running a major campaign for volunteering around the cost of living crisis and we would like to encourage University staff where possible to use their volunteering day to engage with this. This is being coordinated through Can Do Bristol - a community platform for residents, community groups, organisations and businesses who want to create positive change.  This platform connects volunteers and volunteering opportunities in Bristol. 

One major initiative is Welcoming Spaces (Find a Welcoming Space (bristol.gov.uk), and we will be participating in this soon. We will be running a homework club at the Wellspring Settlement in Barton Hill which will accommodate 20 students, three nights a week, from December to June.

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