Inclusion forum

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) cannot be delivered by one individual or a single committee: it is the responsibility of everyone within our University. Each of us can contribute to building a truly inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and enjoy an excellent experience.

The Inclusion Forum is a space where colleagues can connect with each other to share successes, challenges and news – through meetings and through our digital platform:

  • We meet (online) every 4 months, where we share good practice and information about initiatives from across the University
  • We use Microsoft Teams as our platform for colleagues to collaborate and share information

Get involved

Email us at to be added to the Inclusion Forum Teams group.

Inclusion is a journey – it's never a destination – and it requires concerted action, accountability and ownership across all levels of our University. We established the Inclusion Forum as a 'grassroots' movement for people who are passionate about EDI and who can help drive real change from the ground up. Together we are making a difference and ensuring that our University is a great place to work for everybody.

Tracy Brunnock, Head of Staff Inclusion
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