Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion

Trans and non-binary staff are integral to, and valued within, our university community. The University benefits from the diverse experiences of its staff, and aims for trans and non-binary staff to feel included and respected in all their work.

This page provides resources for trans and non-binary staff, managers, and colleagues.

Trans and Non-Binary Staff Inclusion Policy

The University’s commitments to – and responsibilities for – trans and non‑binary inclusion.

Guidance for Trans and Non-Binary Staff

Information on how the University can support you. Includes how to change your university records. ‌

Guidance for Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Staff

Guidance for University staff supporting a trans member of staff. Particularly for managers, HR, and administrative staff.

Guidance on Using Pronouns

A short guidance document providing information on what pronouns are, how to use them, and how they are relevant for supporting trans and non-binary colleagues.

Gender Neutral Toilet Facilities

Information on the University’s commitment to introducing gender‑neutral toilet facilities in its estate and where gender‑neutral toilets are located on campus.

Institutional Commitments

The University is commited to trans inclusion through the Bristol Trans PledgeTrans Rights are Human Rights campaign, and Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. 

Trans colleagues and students are an important and integral part of our community. The perspectives and experiences of trans people make our University a richer place to work and study. It’s been a privilege to have been able to mentor trans members of the community and facilitate some of our students to attend Trans Pride over the last couple of years. I look forward to taking future opportunities to be an ally for trans people at Bristol.

Robert Kerse, Chief Operating Officer
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