Academic Progression Procedure

‘Progression’ is the procedure giving individuals in progressable roles the expectation of being moved to the next role profile level within the academic career pathway framework (PDF, 119kB), provided performance is acceptable.  Progression applies to movement from level b to c and from level c to d1. 

The progressability of a role will normally be determined at recruitment stage, although exceptionally it may be possible to change the progressability of a role.  All roles on Pathway 1 are automatically progressable, but this will vary for roles on Pathway 2 and 3 according to the role in question.

A limited form of ‘accelerated progression’ is available to progressable roles in exceptional cases, to permit accelerated movement to level d1 ahead of any expected progression date. This is dealt with under the Promotion Procedure.

It is also possible to exceptionally agree to delay a progression date for individuals who reach the eligible point before they can reasonably be expected to be ready to progress.


Information for Candidates

Information for Heads of School and Line Managers