Grade M

Grade M

Professorial and Senior Professional Services staff are assigned to Grade M. The professorial grade applies to academic staff on a level e role profile

For further information on appointment to and movement within and between the ranges on Grade M, select from the information below.

Professorial staff

University of Bristol Professors are appointed, or internally promoted, to an academic position with the title of Professor as recognition of academic distinction meriting that title. Three ranges exist to assist in providing a transparent and equitable way of allocating salaries to Professors who sit on Grade M of the University’s pay spine. They also provide the means for appropriately rewarding continuing scholarly attainment, achievement and effective academic leadership in the role of Professor and contributions to the life and work of the University community.

The particular expectations of the role for any individual professor will vary according to the individual, the academic discipline, the pathway and any individual terms of the contract of employment. Those expectations will necessarily be more focussed and specific for Professors on Pathway 2 or Pathway 3. The expectations for anyone working on a particular range across all pathways are captured in the appropriate Academic Promotions Framework: one for promotion to Professor on Range 1 Academic Promotions Framework (PDF, 317kB) and one for Movement to Range 2 and Range 3 Academic Promotions Framework for Grade M Movement (PDF, 308kB). The relevant level of achievement, performance, distinction or esteem will contribute to decisions on the particular salary for a professor on appointment and to decisions on whether a professor should be rewarded with an increase in salary.

Internally promoted staff are appointed to Range 1. For Professorial staff who are directly appointed, the procedure for assigning a range for new appointments will apply.

For movement to a higher salary point within a range, or for movement between ranges, the annual procedure for movement should be followed:

In addition to base pay, the Recruitment and Retention Supplements Policy may be applied to manage market-pay considerations.

Senior Professional Services staff

For senior Professional Services staff appointed to Grade M, the range is determined by the University's job evaluation method (UBJES) according to the size of the role. 

Where it is considered that there have been substantive and material changes to a role such that this could affect the grade/range, the UBJES Procedure for Re-evaluations should be followed.

For movement to a higher salary point within a range, the annual procedure for movement should be followed:


This policy was last reviewed and updated: Jan 2022