Delaying a progression due date

Under the Progression Procedure (Section 2.3), it is possible to exceptionally agree a later progression date (of not more than 4 years) for individuals who reach the eligible point before they can reasonably be expected to be ready to progress.  In many cases this will arise because they have been in their current role for less than 4 years.  For example, an individual who has been appointed near the top of the scale may become eligible for progression in just one or two years, before having had a chance to complete the teaching and learning programme; or an individual may have recently changed pathways and not yet been able to satisfy all the relevant progression criteria on the new pathway.

Cases for a delayed progression date must be approved by the Dean before they can be confirmed.  Where a Head of School believes that circumstances are such that this may be a appropriate, (s)he should explore this with the relevant Faculty HR Manager, Dean and subsequently with the individual concerned.  Where it is agreed that this may be an appropriate course of action, a case for a delayed progression due date should be submitted, using the appropriate form (Office document, 23kB).  

Once a case has been approved by the Dean, this will be forwarded to Human Resources, who will write to the individual to formally confirm this, since this constitutes an amendment to their contract of employment.

The decision to delay a progression date should be taken at the earliest appropriate point.  For instance, this will usually be at appointment stage or at the point of transfer to the new pathway.  This effectively means that, where a case for a delayed progression date is agreed, the case should not be considered for progression until the relevant new date is reached.

In the meantime, the individual may continue to receive increments to the top (5th) point of their current grade as appropriate.

Delayed Progression Date Form (Office document, 23kB)