Movement within the Associate Professor role (level d2)

Background to the Associate Professor role 

After the 2017 review of Promotion and Progression, it was agreed that points 50-52 of the University salary scale would be used to form a new Associate Professor (AP) paygradeIt was based on feedback from colleagues across the University to recognise the contribution of those achieving promotion to this level. Furthermore, this will align the process of movement for Associate Professors with that of Range 1 Professors.  

Movement within the Associate Professor role 

Salary movement for Associate Professors is performance based, and depends on continued development in the role, as is also the case for Professors.

Associate Professors are assigned to the Associate Professor role on points 50,51 and 52 on the University salary scale and are on the level d role profile. For Associate Professors who are directly appointed, the starting salary must be within the Associate Professor paygrade and adhere to the Starting Salary policy.

All internally promoted staff are appointed to the first point on the Associate Professor paygrade (point 50), with the exception of Associate Professors who are already on point 51 or 52 as a result of the Discretionary Pay Scheme, in which case they will remain on this point. Associate Professors on points 50 or 51 will be eligible to apply for movement two years on the date of their last move, as is the case for range 1 professors. Movement to the next salary point will require consideration of an evidenced-based case.

After four years on the Associate Professor paygrade, the University would expect that most Associate Professors would be at the top of the scale (point 52), however it is not a requirement to apply for promotion to Professor at this point and it is acceptable for an individual to remain at the Associate Professor level.

Procedure for movement:

  1. Each year in January, HR will provide Deans with the names of all Associate Professors on the first two salary points on the Associate Professor paygrade who are eligible to apply for an increment (i.e. who have been on their current salary point for more than a year)
  2. Deans and their Heads of HR Business Partnering will consult with Heads of School to consider whether each of those eligible to apply for an increment on the coming 1st August (or other increment date where applicable) are progressing sufficiently. Heads of School will alert such Associate Professors that they will need to submit an up to date CV and a case form, which requires the individual to summarise contributions made since their promotion or since their last incremental movement, and activity planned over the next two years. The cases should link to the criteria in the Academic Promotions Framework. They will also review those due to move the following year, to ensure that all parties are alert at the earliest possible stage to any possible issues or difficulties. The reviews will be based on the Head’s and Dean’s knowledge of the Associate Professors arising through SR&D discussions, any key University considerations, particularly gender equality are considered, and other knowledge available to them arising from their management of the school/faculty.
  3. Where a Head and Dean are recommending movement as expected, and this has the support of the Pro Vice-Chancellor for the faculty, the case will be considered by the Professorial and Associate Professor Salary Committee.
  4. Where a Head and/or Dean has concerns, the Dean will make a case to the Pro Vice-Chancellor for the faculty, recommending that no movement should occur, and explaining the reasons for this. This will be discussed at Professorial and Associate Professor Salary Committee, and a decision reached.
  5. Each submission will be considered by the Professorial and Associate Professor Salary Committee in May/June, which will comprise:
    • Provost Pro
    • Vice-Chancellors for the faculties
    • Advised by the Chief People Officer
  6. Where a case is subsequently agreed, the Head of HR Business Partnering for the faculty will action this to adjust the incremental point from 1st August (or other increment date where applicable).
  7. Where it is subsequently agreed that no movement will occur, the Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor for the faculty will meet with the individual to discuss career progression, what needs to be done to ensure movement in the following year, etc. Human Resources will be advised of the outcome of that discussion.

It will be particularly important that Heads of School ensure that regular discussions regarding career development, progression, citizenship, etc., are held with all Associate Professors, and that these issues are discussed fully in the annual staff review and development discussion. Where a Head of School has particular concern around development of an individual Associate Professor towards the required level of performance, the Head of School must ensure that these are discussed with the individual at the earliest opportunity.

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