Changing the progressability of a role (within pathways 2 and 3)

Where the University has deemed a role on Pathways 2 or 3 progressable, removal of that status will be highly exceptional, and will be at the instigation of the University only (i.e. it cannot be at the request of the individual). 

There must be a clear strategic or operational reason for any such change, and this must be agreed by the Dean of the Faculty.  In addition, because this amounts to a change in contractual status, any removal of progressable status can only be undertaken with the agreement of the individual. Human Resources will then need to formally notify the individual of this change in contractual status.

Where a role has been deemed either “not progressable” or “progressable to a stated maximum level” (e.g. level c), but the requirements of the role subsequently change such that there is a requirement for a role-holder to operate at a higher level (e.g. following the award of an independent, externally-funded fellowship), the Head of School may, with the Dean’s agreement, and with the individual’s agreement, deem the role progressable.  

Where there are a number of very similar roles within a department that have been deemed "not progressable" or that have all been "capped" at a certain level, and the department wishes to change the progressability status of fewer than all such roles, the department should draw up a job description for the new role.  This should then be publicised amongst relevant role-holders, and individuals given the opportunity to apply for the new role.  A selection process, involving at least one relevant person from outside the school, should be undertaken to determine fairly and equitably those to be assigned to the new role(s).  

Human Resources  would need to notify the individual of the change in contractual status. There would be a need both to identify clearly to the role holder the levels to which the new role might progress and to agree with the role holder the progression date. The role would be subject to the normal progression procedure.