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Frequently Asked Questions and Document Requests

Requesting standard letters and documents

Transcripts and certificates

CAS numbers and visa advice

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions, as well information for Current Students and details of the university’s Information Point team.

Requesting standard letters and documents

The following documents can be requested by emailing quote your student number on all correspondence.  You can only submit requests for yourself, please do not order documents on behalf of other students.

Standard letters will normally be produced within 7 working days.  You will be emailed when your document(s) are available for collection/has been posted. 

Important: if you are a new student we are unable to provide any documents confirming registration at the university until you have completed your face-to-face registration at the designated registration event for your programme.

Student Status Letters

Students can now generate their own standard student status letter in eVision, if they have a registration status of R / RE / RR / RP / RV / RD / RM. This can be done by clicking on the following link 
These status letters can be used for a variety of purposes and confirm your name, date of birth and details of your course, including start and end dates and the programme of study.  Important: please check that your listed term-time ‘contact’ address is correct as this will be printed on your letter.  Your address can be checked and updated on Studentinfo.

Bank Letters

These letters are specifically for international students who are opening new student bank accounts. They confirm personal details, local and home address and course details. Please see the following link to produce the letter and more information on bank accounts

Council Tax Exemption Certificates

These are produced for students who need to provide evidence of registration at the University for Bristol City Council, however most students will not require a council tax exemption certificate.  For the majority of students, your eligibility for Council Tax exemption will be confirmed with Bristol City Council electronically three times a year.  You can view the date your details were last confirmed to Bristol City Council on StudentInfo under your Term Address (see 'Last Notification Date to Bristol City Council').  Therefore, you should only need a council tax certificate from the Faculty if you are not resident within the Bristol City Council, you have changed address or sometimes when you have completed one programmed and commenced another in the same calendar year, e.g. completing an BSc and starting a new MSc.  There is further information about this on the Accommodation Office Council Tax factsheet found on the Accommodation Office website.

Important: You should first register yourself as a student with Bristol City Council by completing the relevant form located on their website The University provides Bristol City Council with a listing of all students registered for each academic year. If you have submitted the exemption form and your address details on student info are correct, it is likely you will be granted exemption.  In some circumstances, Bristol City Council request further proof from the University that you are a student; this is when we may produce a certificate for you.  


The Faculty Office can provide confirmation that you are a student at the University via a student status letter. If you require a character reference you will need to contact your School

The Faculty Office can supply student references/confirmation of enrolment to third parties (such as potential employers/recruitment agencies) however, the third party must provide evidence to the Faculty Office that they have the student's signed consent to release their academic information.  Requests should be emailed to

If you are a former student and require verification of your award please contact the Examinations Office  For further information, including costs, see the awards, certificates, results and verifications page.

Documents for Visiting Students

Incoming visiting students should contact the Global Opportunities Team in the International Office if they need to request a certification letter, bank letter or certificate of full-time Study (for Council Tax exemption).

Working Letters

Working letters state that students from oversees have the right to work in the UK. These letters are generated via Evision as self-service letters. This has been set up by the Visa Team and letters can be accessed through this page - Working letters

Transcripts and certificates

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document that shows:

  • The units which have been taken in each year of study
  • The assessment and reassessment (as appropriate) grades for each unit
  • The total number of credits gained in each unit taken and in each year of study
  • The degree awarded, degree classification and date of award (where applicable)

How do I apply for an academic transcript?

You can apply and pay for your transcript via the Online Shop

You will be asked to choose the type and quantity of transcript, enter your details and make a secure online payment (where applicable).

Final transcripts will be provided in sealed envelopes with the University stamp to prove that the document is authentic.

If you have any questions regarding academic transcripts please email us at

How much do they cost?

Every graduating taught postgraduate student will be automatically sent one free copy of their final transcript to their home address (as registered on StudentInfo) after the award of their degree.

Thereafter charges for additional copies of transcripts will be applied as follows:

  • If you graduated in or after 2005 you will be charged £10 for the first copy and £5 for each subsequent copy;
  • If you graduated before 2005 you will be charged £20 for the first copy and £5 for each subsequent copy.

(The prices above are correct for 2018/19 and are subject to change)

We regret that academic transcripts cannot be issued until payment has been received.

If you have any questions regarding academic transcripts please email us at

How long does it take?

Transcript orders take up to 10 working days to complete as standard (for awards before 2005 this may take a little longer), although during busy times of the year (especially following graduation and the autumn term) delays can occur and production of transcripts can take longer.  It is therefore recommended that you order your transcripts as early as possible to ensure they are produced and dispatched in time for any deadlines you may have.

You will receive an email when the transcript is available for collection / has been posted.  All letters are sent by standard second-class Royal Mail postal service or international standard airmail.  The University cannot accept responsibility for transcripts that are lost in the post as we have no control over item(s) once they have left the University.  Please ensure you provide a full and safe postal address for the delivery of your transcript.

If you require a copy of your transcript to be sent by courier you will need to organise and pay for this personally.  Please confirm the courier details and arranged time for collection to

Interim Transcripts for Current Students

If you are a current student and require an interim transcript this can be requested by emailing  Please include your student number with any request.  Please note that only grades which have been ratified at a Faculty Exam Board can be included in your interim transcript.

There is no charge for interim transcripts requested by current students.

Verification of awards and replacement degree certificates

The Examinations Office can provide verification of awards and replacement degree certificates.  For further information, including costs, see the awards, certificates, results and verifications page

If you have any queries you can contact the Examinations Office by email:

CAS numbers and visa advice

If you are a current student and you need a new CAS in order to apply for a visa extension please contact the Student Visa Services team for further advice and to make an appointment with an adviser. 

If you will be joining as a new Postgraduate Student and you have not yet received your CAS please contact

Please remember to quote your student and/or application number in all correspondence with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a transcript if I left the University before 2005?

Students who graduated before 2005 may request a transcript. However, the information required to produce a full transcript may be incomplete.  If we are unable to produce your transcript you will be notified via email and a refund will be issued.

If we cannot produce your transcript we will provide you with a certification letter.  A certification letter confirms your status as a former student of the University of Bristol and includes:

  • your official name
  • your student number
  • your date of birth
  • the name of your faculty
  • your programme title
  • the start and end dates of your programme
  • our staff signature
  • our official stamp
  • our telephone number

This letter will also include a sentence to state that “Due to the date of completion of studies the University are unable to provide a complete official transcript as requested and regret that the document cannot be produced for this past student.”

Is the transcript I order from the online shop an official document?

Yes. A transcript requested through the Online Shop is an official document, not a copy.  This transcript will be exactly the same as the one you will, or would have, received after graduation.

The transcript is produced on water marked paper and is signed and stamped with the University of Bristol seal (see guidance on transcripts and official documents).

I have completed a taught postgraduate programme. When will my final marks be released and made available on my transcript?

A transcript will be sent out up to two months after your confirmed award has been ratified by the Faculty Exam Board.  Transcripts will be posted to your home address (as recorded on StudentInfo); please ensure this contact information is up-to-date.

If you require more than one copy you will need to pay a fee for an additional copy through the Online Shop.

I requested a transcript but it does not show all of my unit marks?

Results must be confirmed at the Faculty Exam Board prior to being released and updated in your student record.

If you are a current student and have provisionally received a mark but it does not appear on your transcript this means it is awaiting approval by the relevant Exam Board.

If you have graduated and a mark is missing or or you believe it to be incorrect, please contact and we will look into this for you.

All marks are subject to approval by the Faculty Exam Board.

I requested a letter and have been asked to update my address, why?

Your home address should be your family address (international students are advised to provide their permanent overseas address).

Your term address should be where you are living while you are studying.  If this is not up-to-date on your student record we will ask you to amend it on StudentInfo.

All personal details must be correct and up-to-date before we can produce the document.

Why do I have to provide evidence of my tenancy agreement to collect a bank letter?

Students that occupy University owned accommodation do not need to provide a tenancy agreement; they must however produce their student card to collect their bank letter from the Faculty Office.

If you do not live in University owned accommodation we will need to see your tenancy agreement and student card before we can release the bank letter to you.

This procedure is implemented by the financial regulator, the bank letter follows a nationally agreed template confirming that the University has had sight of your tenancy agreement.

If I live at home or with a friend how can I provide a tenancy agreement?

If you live with a family member, guardian or friend we ask that they provide a signed letter confirming the address and that you live with them.

You should bring this together with an official letter document (for example a mortgage statement, utility bill or bank statement) that clearly shows your family, guardian, friend as the addressee at the same address.

We can advise further on what evidence might be acceptable by contacting us at

I need a bank letter but I have not registered at the University yet.  Can I request one?

No, we cannot produce documents for provisional University of Bristol students.

Once you have completed your registration as a student at the University we can provide this document for you.

I have not registered yet but I was at the University studying a pre-sessional course this summer. Can I request a bank letter?

We are unable to produce a letter for you until you have registered on your postgraduate programme.

If you have any questions regarding your pre-sessional programme, please contact Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies (CELFS)

Why have I been sent a council tax bill when I am a student?

At the start of the academic year the local council are notified of the full time students attending the University of Bristol. If, however, you have received a council tax bill you will need to provide them with proof of your student status by requesting a council tax exemption certificate from, this is free of charge.

Households where everyone is a full-time student do not have to pay Council Tax.  If you do get a bill, you can apply for an exemption.

Please note to be eligible as a full-time student, your course must last at least 1 year and involve at least 21 hours study per week, for further guidance visit GOV.UK

My council tax letter says that my course finishes at the end of June but I am not leaving until July can you change the date?

We are unable to adjust your end date as this is the official completion date of your studies and when you will be no longer classified as a student.

For council tax purposes after this period you are liable to be charged tax by your local council.

I have ordered a transcript through the online shop but have not received an email that my document is ready for collection/has been posted?

You will be notified, at the email address supplied on the online form, when your document is ready for collection or has been sent.

Please ensure that all your personal contact details, particularly your email address, are up to date prior to ordering documents.  You can check your details are up to date on StudentInfo

Where can I collect my document from?

You will be notified via email when your document is ready for collection, this email will state the date and time that the document will be ready to collect from

Postgraduate Administration Team
First Floor
5 Tyndall Avenue

Please note you will not be able to collect your document earlier than the time stated. 

Can a friend collect my document?

A friend or nominated individual can collect a document on your behalf if you notify us of their name and, if the friend is a student at the University of Bristol, their student number.

If you have not provided us with these details prior to collection the document will not be released.

Please ask your friend to bring photo identification such as their student card (UOB students only) passport or a driving licence when collecting on your behalf.

What service do you use to post items?

Documents are sent via standard second class with the Royal Mail postal service.

Worldwide/overseas addresses are sent by international standard service.

How are transcripts posted?

Transcripts are placed in a small envelope and sealed with the official University of Bristol stamp and the signature of the administrator. This smaller envelope is placed inside a larger envelope and posted to the address provided.

This process symbolises that the document has not been tampered with; a requirement often essential if the document is being sent to a third party or to a Higher Education Institution.

My order has not arrived at my address. Can I track my order?

No. All documents are sent via a standard mail postal service and we cannot track an order, nor do we hold responsibility for the delivery of the document.

For estimated delivery times please see the Royal Mail guidance.

Can I arrange for my document to be sent with a courier?

Yes. You must organise and pay for this personally. Please confirm the courier details and arranged time for collection to

The University of Bristol does not offer a courier service.

If I come to the office will you be able to produce my document for me while I wait?

All final transcripts must be ordered through the Online Shop and letter and interim transcript requests should be made via  We are not able to make exceptions.

Can I have my document sooner if it is urgent?

Due to the high volume of orders we receive we cannot prioritise individual requests. Each request is important and therefore in fairness to all students, requests are dealt with in the order in which they are received. 

Letters can take up to seven working days to be produced and transcripts take up to ten working days. We aim to have your requests fulfilled within these times frames.

Can you send electronic copies of the documents?

Yes.  Requests must still be made through our Online Shop or via

A cover letter needs to be attached to my transcript for an application, how can I do that?

If you require an additional form to be sent with your transcript, either a covering letter or an application form then we can assist.

When filling out the order form request through the Online Shop ensure that you include the details of any requests for additional documentation in the Any additional information? box.

Upon receiving a confirmation email of your order, send the additional document to quoting your order number, name and student number.

How long do I have to collect my document?

All documents are kept for up to three months after being produced, after this time frame they are destroyed.

If you have any queries about the information on this page please contact the Faculty of Health Sciences postgraduate administration team either by email or calling 0117 42 82754.

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