Bristol Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Postgraduate research in health sciences - hear from our students

Funded 4-year PhD Scholarships

We are now closed for applications to start in September 2024. We will be advertising again in October for studentships to start in September 2025.

The University of Bristol is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and we welcome and encourage applications from anyone with an interest in health science research. We are keen to recruit enthusiastic applicants from a wide range of training backgrounds who are interested in a career in health sciences. As a faculty we offer cutting-edge multi-disciplinary training opportunities in medical, veterinary and dental sciences and health education.

What we offer

  • A 4-year PhD studentship with a range of research training opportunities, including short courses in research, statistical, computational and generic skills
  • A tax-free stipend equivalent to UKRI rates (this applies to the stipend only, at the "outside London" level)
  • £2,000/year research costs
  • Waiver of tuition fees for both UK and non-UK students

IMPORTANT: Relocation costs, visa costs and NHS health surcharge are not funded, so non-UK applicants should ensure they are able to cover these costs before applying. Please note that depending on your circumstances these costs can be significant (in excess of £10,000). The current rates of visa costs and NHS health surcharges can be checked at and

PhD projects

Please access FindaPhD for projects using the links below. Only projects listed on these pages (Bristol PGR scholarship projects) are eligible for this funding opportunity.

You are encouraged to contact supervisors of projects you are interested in to discuss further and select up to three projects to ensure you have other options if your first choice is offered to another candidate.

How to apply

APPLICATIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED FOR FUNDED PHD SCHOLARSHIPS. If you have access to your own funding you are welcome to contact supervisors to see if their project is still available.

The instructions below override any conflicting information within our admission guidelines. Please use 'additional admissions documents' if required to upload any additional documents. We are expecting a curriculum vitae (CV), transcripts, certificates, references, a research statement and a personal statement. Each statement should not exceed 1 side of A4, 11pt Arial font (see below for details).

Queries: please contact with any queries about your application.

Please search FindaPhD to identify projects that you are interested in. Once you have identified your preferred project(s), you should submit an application using our online application system. The advert provides information at the bottom on on which programme is relevant to that project, and you should search for the relevant PhD programme (e.g. "Population Health Sciences PhD, Translational Health Sciences PhD, Veterinary PhD, Dental PhD": "September 2024" start).

We strongly encourage you to contact supervisors for more information on their projects to ensure you are happy with your selection.

An online application workshop was held on 14th November 2023 to offer advice and answer questions on the application process. Please see the recording here.

Detailed application guidance

Curriculum vitae (CV, résumé): Please provide a 2-page CV listing (where relevant) your education, employment, publications, wider contributions to science or research, citizenship and leadership experience. Maximum 2 A4 pages, 11pt Arial font for main text.

Research statement: Please provide a research statement that indicates your research interests, motivations and what skills you would expect to develop. Please describe any contact you have had with supervisors (or if you have been unable to speak with them). Although the online application prompts you for a research proposal please only attach the research statement in this space. The research statement should describe any research experience you have and your research interests. Maximum 1 A4 page, 11pt Arial font.

Project choices: Please state your chosen project title clearly on your application. Do not change any of the words. It is possible that your first choice project will be offered to someone else, so you are encouraged to list up to three PhD projects using the option to upload an 'additional admissions document' (use the title "Alternative project preferences" for this document). 

Personal statement: Please provide a personal statement that describes your training and experience so far, your motivation for doing a PhD, your motivations for applying to the University of Bristol, and why you think we should select you. We are keen to support applicants from minority and under-represented backgrounds (based on protected characteristics) and those who have experienced other challenges or disadvantages. We encourage you to use your personal statement to ensure we can take these factors into account. Maximum 1 A4 page, 11pt Arial font.


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