Our 8-point plan

To achieve carbon neutrality under ISO 14064 we will undertake the following actions

  1. Optimising our use of space – if we do this well, we can undertake our core activities using fewer resources.

  2. Conserving energy and water – if we don’t need to use it we should be using it.

  3. Using energy and water more efficiently – when we do need energy and water, we should use it as sparingly as possible

  4. Building new buildings to the highest cost-effective energy standards – new buildings bring with them the possibility of reducing energy consumption greatly. We want to realise these reductions. We calculate that these will halve our emissions by 2030 and cap water consumption with no other intervention. To get to neutral, we need to go further.

  5. Using self-generated heat and electricity from lower-carbon sources, such as solar panels and heat pumps

  6. Using local externally generated heat and electricity from lower-carbon sources. This might include participating in local district heat networks.

  7. Using mains gas and electricity from lower-carbon sources. This includes buying electricity from green sources, and biogas from anaerobic digestion. We already buy all our electricity from UK onshore and offshore wind.

  8. Certificating the offset of residual – we may pay for additional forestry in the UK or abroad, for example, or buy and retire carbon credits from national and international emissions trading schemes, such as EU-ETS. We are currently researching credible, demonstrably additional ways of doing this which we can purchase in a compliant way.
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