Staff and Student Engagement

People and Planet Evidence - Staff and Student Engagement 2017

1a. – Student and Staff engagement with Carbon Management

Staff and student engagement generally comes via the Sustainability Steering Group (terms of reference at, which has representation from a variety of staff groups and the student’s union.

1b. Oversight by staff and students of sustainability policy

As with carbon management, this is done via the Sustainability Steering Group noted in point 1a above.

1c. Sustainability as a part of student induction

This takes place in many locations, directs new students to opportunities they can take part in. Sustainability is promoted via the Students’ Union at

1d. The University supports an annual Green Week.

The Union ran a green month as seen on the web link

Events include a conference and speaker series – details at

1e. The University runs a number of initiatives including Green Impact -, also  sustainability champions initiative within Labs aimed at staff and post doc’s - both of these initiatives look for students to help in auditing and assessing sustainability.

1f. Funds for staff and student led projects

Staff generally come to sustainability with ideas that we deliver, but we have offered funding for projects within the Sustainable Labs area, under our green grants program, for students the University funded the CREATE Fund – see Emails can be provided to prove funds have been provided.

2. Staff inductions

Sustainability is part of the staff induction process – Emails can be provided to prove attendance at all staff induction sessions.

3. Trade Union – No action taken.

4. Student representation

Bristol SU has student representation on all committees. Emails can be provided.

5a Student Union working to improve sustainability

Bristol SU includes Sustainability as a key aim for the organisation and includes it in its strategic plan. Over the last few years it has achieved Gold in Green Impact and Green Impact Excellence.

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