Lighting the way

Lighting has been refurbished across the University to cut carbon and costs, and improve the internal environment for students and staff.

Old, inefficient and uncontrollable lighting technology was replaced with LED lighting that are more efficient and can be controlled more effectively.

Even though lighting is a small proportion of the University's electricity use, the Sustainability team realised that lighting consumption is disproportionately high during periods when the grid is under greatest pressure and electricity prices are, consequently, at their highest.

A specialist lighting designer was hired to design lighting schemes that are both cost-effective and appropriate for their setting. LED lights are now the preferred technology as their price has decreased and they can be controlled more easily than older fluorescent lamp technologies.

One of the particular challenges of the project was replacing of the lighting in heritage buildings like the Wills Memorial Building, which is listed. The team worked in collaboration with the Law School to install lighting that is both efficient and sympathetic to the aesthetic environment.

In all, £2m of lighting upgrades are saving 1,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

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