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Sustainability team

Tel: 0117 928 9100
Address: 1-9 Old Park Hill, University of Bristol, BS2 8BB

Team Lead and Support

         Head of Sustainability
         Has responsibility for delivering Sustainability at the University.

         Admin Coordinator
         Supports the sustainability team, including running a number of waste disposal

Energy Team

         Sustainable Science Manager
         Leads on energy and carbon projects within our STEM buildings and coordinates the Sustainable Science & Green Labs Initiative. Delivers circular economy projects and research efficiency across our scientific community.  

         Sustainable Manager (Energy)
         Delivers the bulk of energy saving projects within the University.

         Sustainable Manager (Analysis)
         Developed and runs the Carbon Management Plan with Chris Jones, delivers a
         number of physical carbon reduction projects. Manages all sustainability data for
         the team (and University), providing quality assurance and monitoring.

         Sustainability Manager (Building Energy Management Systems)
         Controls heating, cooling and ventilation via the BEMS aiming to run the 
         systems efficiently.              

         BMS Technician
         Supports the Sustainability Manager for BEMS in running efficient systems.         

         Invoice and Administration Assistant
         Processes all utility invoices and supports the Analysis Manager regarding data

Circular Economy, Resource Management (Waste and Recycling), EMS Team

         Sustainability Manager (Waste and EMS)
         Responsible for Waste and the Environmental Management System,
         directing projects and policy. Helps deliver sustainability within Procurement.

         Environmental Supervisor (Waste and Resources)
         Ensures day to day operation of the University’s sites in relation
         to waste. 

         Environmental Operative (Waste & Resources)
         Manages a range of wastes streams on the ground across the
         University and helps deliver environmental auditing.

  • Alex Cordery

    Environmental Operative (Waste & Resources)
    Manages a range of wastes streams on the ground across the
    University and helps deliver environmental auditing.          

Transport Team

         Sustainability Manager (Transport)
         Responsible for Transport issues at the University.

         Sustainability Manager (Transport)
         Responsible for Transport issues at the University.

         Travel Plan Coordinator
         Supports Sustainability Manager for Transport, with a focus on bus
         and promotion of sustainable transport.

         Travel Plan Coordinator
         Supports Sustainability Manager for Transport, with a focus on cycling 
         and promotion of sustainable transport.       

 Public Engagement team

         Sustainability and Engaged Learning Coordinator
         Working with students to provide sustainability learning opportunities 
         in the city on sustainability challenges.               

Bristol Hub team

         Manager Student Hub
         Helps deliver student engagement activities around social responsibility 
         and sustainability.         

Media enquiries

Estates and Other University teams

         Head of External Estates
         Responsibilities include conserving and enhancing the University’s biodiversity, 
         as well as delivering the University’s Biodiversity policy.         

         Head of Capital Projects
         Responsible for delivery of building programs, but also has responsibilities, 
         for the delivery of Sustainable Construction activity within our building projects.         

         Head of Procurement 
         Responsible for delivering efficient Procurement activities at the University,
         including delivery of Sustainable Procurement.

Cabot Institute for the Environment

Tel: 0117 954 6835
Address: Ground Floor, Royal Fort House, University of Bristol, BS8 1UJ

For specific queries, please contact the relevant researcher or team member via the Cabot Institute's for the Environmnet contacts

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