Checklist for your ceremony

Before the day

Complete the registration form - the deadline for registering for February 2023 graduation is 5 pm on Tuesday 6 December 2022.

Read all the information on the Graduation website, including our terms and conditions.

Complete the name pronunciation form if necessary, to help us announce your name correctly at your ceremony.

Contact us to discuss any accessibility requirements (if not already indicated on the registration form).

Order your gown and hat - the deadline for hiring your gown and hat for February 2023 graduation is Monday 6 February 2023.

Read our advice on travelling to graduation, including information about the venues, parking and advice on luggage.

Check the timetable for the day to help with your planning. 

On the day

Collect your ticket and your guest tickets from the Richmond Building (the SU).

Collect your gown from the Richmond Building.

Familiarise yourself with what to expect at your ceremony.

Get your official photographs taken at the Richmond Building, either before or after your ceremony.

Return your gown at the gown drop-off point at either Wills Memorial Building or the Richmond Building, by 7 pm on Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 February, or 9 pm on Wednesday 15 February.

Departmental celebrations

Some departments and schools may hold celebrations for their graduating students. Contact your school or department to find out details of any celebration events they may be arranging for your graduation day.

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