Data Science for Science - Bristol Turing Fellows Projects Seminar Series

6 October 2021, 10.30 AM - 6 October 2021, 11.30 AM

Dr Danielle Paul & Dr Aleks Domanski

Data Science for Science


Dr Danielle Paul, Research Fellow , School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience, University of Bristol (10:30am - 11:00am)

Applying machine learning techniques to large Cryo-EM data sets. PROOF: Software for the identification of accessory PROteins On Filaments

This project aims to open the field of high-resolution Cry-Electron Microscopy (EM) to a large number of users. The recent Cry-EM revolution has produced a massive increase in the amount of image data. This project aims to develop software to facilitate single particle analysis of Cryo-EM images filamentous proteins.

Dr Aleks Domanski, Senior Research Associate, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience, University of Bristol (11:00am -11:30am )

Examining population-level multisensory integration for predictive coding in the primary visual cortex

Why can you hear your friend more clearly in a noisy cafe if you watch their lips as they speak? Multi-sensory integration in the brain is fundamental to our perception of the world but how neural circuits performs this remains unclear. We can now use live-cell imaging of thousands of neurons in parallel to interrogate the mechanisms in unprecedented detail during sensory perception. Here, we apply new analytical methods to reveal how multisensory integration by neurons in the mouse visual cortex improves the fidelity of sensory coding under challenging conditions.

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