Management study guide 2022/23

Management at Bristol

We want to inspire the next generation of leaders and citizens to address the changing needs of society and the grand challenges of our time. We prepare our students with a solid academic foundation and the life skills to succeed in the real world.

Academic Reputation

Our world leading academics are asking critical questions about the needs of business, government and our wider society. As a result their research is actively influencing policy and practice in areas such as gender equality, sustainability and international business management. It is these academics who will be teaching you and sharing their first-hand experience of real-life management and marketing challenges.

Teaching Excellence

We engage our students in real life business challenges developing the ability to think critically and independently using reflective evidence and analytical methods. Not only will you gain a solid understanding of how organisations and managers operate in a global environment, but we offer the flexibility and choice for you to tailor courses and programmes around your own career goals.

Careers and Employability

We're an ambitious department offering a dynamic and supportive environment to work and study in. Our close connections with industry mean students benefit from a whole host of tailored careers support from the School, the University Careers service and the Professional Liaison Network. Our students leave us with the skills vital to today's employers which is why our graduates are some of the most sought after in the UK.

International Outlook

We welcome talented international staff and students from across the world creating a vibrant and diverse study experience. We have partnerships with over 150 universities worldwide including universities in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Australia. These partnerships give our undergraduate students opportunities to study abroad.

Unit structure

The school offers many classes that are based in a single semester, and can therefore accept unit requests from Study Abroad students who want to join Bristol for just the autumn or spring semester.

Unit levels

The school offers units across all undergraduate levels of study: year 1 (level C/4), year 2 (level I/5), and year 3 (level H/6) units. Postgraduate units are not available.

Unit codes

Unit codes in the School of Management begin with 'EFIM'. This is followed by a number indicating the year (1, 2, 3). For example:

  • EFIM10000 = year 1 unit
  • EFIM20000 = year 2 unit
  • EFIM30000 = year 3 unit.

For more information about each unit, check the University's unit catalogue for 2022/23. Applicants on all study abroad programmes must review the unit details on the catalogue before listing unit choices on their application form. This includes checking the format of assessment for each unit. The unit catalogue for 2022/23 is updated by April.

Your unit choices cannot be guaranteed. Some units may not have capacity to accommodate all of the unit requests we receive. Registration on a unit also depends on whether you meet the pre-requisite conditions through prior study at your home university.

Study Abroad (Subject pathway)

If you have been nominated to Bristol on the Study Abroad (Subject pathway), you must take the majority of your credits in this department.

Units available on the study abroad programme in 2022/23

The following units from the School of Management are open to incoming Study Abroad students.

Year 1 (level C/4)

  • Enquiry, Analysis and Communication (TB1) - EFIM10021
  • Markets and Marketing (TB2) - EFIM10017
  • Quantitative Analysis in Management (TB1) - EFIM10014

Year 2 (level I/5)

  • Consumption and Consumer Behaviour (TB2) - EFIM20046
  • International Business Management (TB1) - EFIM20003
  • Issues in Consumer Marketing and Innovation (TB1) - EFIM20045
  • Management Science (TB2) - EFIM20005
  • Organisation Theory (TB2) - EFIM20026
  • People, Work and Organisations (TB1) - EFIM20022
  • Project Management (TB1) - EFIM20015
  • Public Management (TB1) - EFIM20019

Year 3 (level H/6)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (TB2) - EFIM30012
  • Data Analystics and Artificial Intelligence for Business (TB1) - EFIM30051
  • Digital Marketing (TB1) - EFIM30060
  • Global Production, Work and Employment (TB2) - EFIM30037
  • International Human Resource Management (TB1) - EFIM30024
  • Management Consultancy (TB2) - EFIM30064
  • Operations Management (TB1) - EFIM30014
  • Organisational Crime and Corruption (TB1) - EFIM30047
  • Strategy (TB2) - EFIM30030
  • The Digital Economy (TB1) - EFIM30040
  • The Practice of Management (TB2) - EFIM30007

Year 4 (level M/7)

None available

Application queries

Contact the Global Opportunities Team if you have any queries about the application process for the study abroad programmes:

Phone: +44 117 39 40207


Students cannot audit units. Study abroad students are fully registered on units for credit purposes and must attend teaching only for classes that they are registered on.

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