Engineering Mathematics and Technology study guide 2023/24

Engineering Mathematics and Technology at Bristol

Engineering Mathematics and Technology is the art of applying maths to complex real-world problems; combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges.

Unit structure

The school offers many classes that are based in a single semester, and can therefore accept unit requests from Study Abroad students who want to join Bristol for just the autumn or spring semester.

Unit levels

The school offers units across all undergraduate levels of study – Year 1 (Level C/4), Year 2 (Level I/5), and Year 3 (Level H/6) – and selected postgraduate units (Level M/7). Level M/7 units are normally taken by students who have studied the subject for at least 3 years beforehand and are at an appropriate level of study to take postgraduate units.

Unit codes

Unit codes in the School of Engineering Mathematics and Technology begin with 'EMAT'. This is followed by a number indicating the year (1, 2, 3). For example:

  • EMAT10000 = year 1 unit
  • EMAT20000 = year 2 unit
  • EMAT30000 = year 3 unit.

For more information about each unit, check the University's unit catalogue for 2023/24. Applicants on all study abroad programmes must review the unit details on the catalogue before listing unit choices on their application form. This includes checking the format of assessment for each unit. The unit catalogue for 2023/24 is updated by April 2023.

Your unit choices cannot be guaranteed. Some units may not have capacity to accommodate all of the unit requests we receive. Registration on a unit also depends on whether you meet the pre-requisite conditions through prior study at your home university.

Study Abroad (Subject pathway)

If you have been nominated to Bristol on the Study Abroad (Subject pathway), you must take the majority of your credits in this School.


Certain units in Engineering Mathematics and Technology are subject to special requirements. Notably, the Technical Project and Mathematical and Data Modelling units can only be taken with the explicit permission of the Study Abroad Academic Director. If you select a Technical Project unit (EMAT30009 or EMATM5000), you will need to be allocated an appropriate project as well as a Project Supervisor. The project allocation process begins before the start of the semester. Please contact the Study Abroad Academic Advisor as soon as possible if you are interested in enrolling in a project unit. All Bristol Engineering Mathematics students take year-long units where they work in groups on practical modelling and data analysis problems. These Mathematical and Data Modelling (MDM) units (EMAT10008, EMAT22220, EMAT30005, and EMATM0037) depend on the rest of the Engineering Mathematics UG or MSc curriculum and are not suitable for students who are taking a small number of EMAT units. EMATM0050 depends on the rest of the MSc in Data Science curriculum and is not suitable for students who are taking a small number of Data Science units. EMATM0063 depends on the rest of the MSc in Biorobotics curriculum and is not suitable for students who are taking a small number of Data Science units.

Project units

The school offers the following project units:

  • Data Science Mini-Project - EMATM0050
  • Group Project in Biorobotics - EMATM0063
  • Technical Project - EMAT30009
  • Technical Project - EMATM5000
  • Technology, Innovation, Business, and Society (TIBS) - EMATM0049

Please see the 'Requirements' section for further information on the permission needed to take certain project-based units.

Units available on the study abroad programme in 2023/24

The following units from the School of Engineering Mathematics and Technology are open to incoming Study Abroad students.

Year 1 (level C/4)

  • Discrete Mathematics (TB4) - EMAT10704
  • Engineering Mathematics 1 (TB4) - EMAT10100
  • Further Computer Programming (TB2) - EMAT10006
  • Introduction to Computer Programming (TB1) - EMAT10007
  • Mathematics and Data Modelling 1 (TB4) - EMAT10008

Year 2 (level I/5)

  • Applied Linear Algebra (TB2) - EMAT20012
  • Discrete Mathematics 2 (TB1) - EMAT20540
  • Engineering Mathematics 2 (TB4) - EMAT20200
  • Engineering Physics II (TB1) - EMAT20010
  • Introduction to Data Science (TB2) - EMAT20011
  • Mathematics and Data Modelling 2 (TB4) - EMAT22220
  • Numerical Methods in Matlab (TB1) - EMAT20920

Year 3 (level H/6)

  • Applied Statistics (TB2) - EMAT30007
  • Continuum Mathematics (TB4) - EMAT31410
  • Control Theory (TB2) - EMAT30014
  • Engineering Mathematics III (TB1) - EMAT30012
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (TB4) - EMAT31530
  • Mathematics and Data Modelling 3 (TB4) - EMAT30005
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (TB1) - EMAT33100
  • Optimisation Theory and Applications (TB1) - EMAT30670
  • Partial Differential Equations (TB2) - EMAT30010
  • Scientific Computing (TB2) - EMAT30008
  • Technical Project (TB4) - EMAT30009

Year 4 (level M/7)

  • Advanced Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (TB2) - EMATM0001
  • Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (TB2) - EMATM0029
  • Biosystems and Biorobotics (TB4) - EMATM0062
  • Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Algorithms (TB2) - EMATM0004
  • Data Analytics and Modelling in Health (TB2) - EMATM0046
  • Data Science Mini-Project (TB2) - EMATM0050 - this unit is taken with Research Skills (EMATM0036)
  • Delay and stochastic equations in engineering and biology (TB1) - EMATM0024
  • Group Project in Biorobotics (TB2) - EMATM0063
  • Intelligent Information Systems (TB2) - EMATM0042
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (TB2) - EMATM0044
  • Large-Scale Data Engineering (TB1) - EMATM0051
  • Mathematical and Data Modelling (TB2) - EMATM0037
  • Mathematical Modelling in Physiology and Medicine (TB1) - EMATM0007
  • Mathematics of Movement (TB1) - EMATM0064
  • Research Skills (TB4) - EMATM0036 - this unit is taken with Data Science Mini-Project (EMATM0050)
  • Robotics Research Technology and Methods (TB4) - EMATM0058
  • Robotics Systems (TB1) - EMATM0054
  • Robotics Systems UG (TB2) - EMATM0053
  • Soft Robotics (TB2) - EMATM0057
  • Software Development: Programming and Algorithms (TB1) - EMATM0048
  • Statistical Computing and Empirical Methods (TB1) - EMATM0061
  • Technical Project (TB4) - EMATM5000
  • Technology, Innovation, Business, and Society (TB1) - EMATM0049
  • Transport and Mobility Modelling (TB1) - EMATM0021
  • Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems (TB1) - EMATM1120

Application queries

Contact the Global Opportunities Team if you have any queries about the application process for the study abroad programmes:

Phone: +44 117 39 40207


Students cannot audit units. Study abroad students are fully registered on units for credit purposes and must attend teaching only for classes that they are registered on.

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