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COVID-19 and sustainable development in Somalia/Somaliland - Phase 2 Report

10 August 2020

Somalia/Somaliland is among the places of the world least able to cope with COVID-19 due to numerous forms of poverty-related deprivation, low levels of access to healthcare and limited state capacity.  COVIDEV is a research and practice collaboration between the University of Bristol and Transparency Solutions which examined how sustainable development might be promoted through and as a method of COVID-19 response in Somalia/Somaliland. This report - the second from COVIDEV -  explores district level responses, access to health care, confidence in the qualuty of health care and evaluation by participants of our first report and our co-production methods.  

Key findings:

  • COVID-19 response at the urban district level in Mogadishu was mostly lacking but more effective in Hargeisa: this reversed the pattern found in our Phase 1 report.
  • In rural areas for Mogadishu and Hargeisa there was almost no COVID-19 response: this was the same as the pattern found in our Phase 1 report.
  • Access to medical care in Mogadishu and Hargeisa is fundamentally inadequate: being wealthier helps but is no guarantee, especially in Hargeisa.
  • For most, access to minor health care is all they manage, and for a large minority access to even minor health care is nearly always impossible.
  • Confidence in the quality of health care in general in Mogadishu and Hargeisa is low, especially in Hargeisa: being wealthier helps a little rather than fundamentally.
  • Involving participants from socially excluded categories to work with researchers on all stages of research is desirable as well as practical - it improves the quality of the research, gathers insights that would otherwise have been missed, and embodies the inclusiveness necessary for sustainable development.
  • The comprehensive success of our inclusive dissemination process demonstrates that it is not too difficult for even illiterate people who have never had any formal education to engage in dissemination of rigorous research. It also demonstrates that there is a great deal to be gained from inclusive dissemination. 95% of all participants rated the COVIDEV project as ‘Excellent’, the highest possible rating, and the remaining 5% rated it as ‘Good’.

The report can be found here:

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