Collaborate with us

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law collaborates with a wide range of external partners to collectively address societal changes.

We work with a range of partners, from policymakers to community organisations. You can collaborate with us in a number of ways. 

Find out more and get in touch through one of the routes below.


To collaborate with us on policy matters, contact us through PolicyBristol.

Our research influences policy and practice at the local, national and international level. PolicyBristol brings together expertise from academics, policymakers and practitioners in innovative collaborations. 

Businesses and community organisations

To find out how your organisation can partner with us, contact us through our Professional Liaison Network

We manage a range of partnerships - from large corporates and SMEs to voluntary, charity and community organisations - across Bristol and beyond. We can connect you with our staff and students working and studying in academic disciplines relevant to your work. All kinds of organisations where the social sciences and law are utilised could benefit from working with us. 

Other ways to work together

For guidance on how else you can get involved in funding research or collaborating with us, you can contact the Business and Partnerships team.

Showcase research

Find out how our innovative and collaborative research addresses the most pressing concerns of society.

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