Widening Participation

We're passionate about engaging with students of all ages, from all backgrounds; we provide widening participation and outreach activities that enable them to explore the social sciences and law and learn about the future career opportunities they can lead to.

Widening Participation programmes

At Bristol we encourage applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds, because we believe in a student community that reflects our society.

We offer a range of multidisciplinary post-16 Widening Participation programmes (many of which are also open to mature students):

Participants to these programmes receive a guaranteed contextual offer/interview for entry to the University.

Contextual offers

In addition to outreach programmes, we support prospective students from under represented backgrounds through the admissions system with our contextual offer scheme.

Our contextual offer is a grade reduction of up to two grades below the standard entry requirements and is made to those from backgrounds who, generally, are less likely to come here. Once here, data shows that our contextual offer students achieve above average academically.

Mature students

We welcome mature students (21+ years old) and offer tailored support for adults interested in university study.

Contact us

For further information about our outreach activities, please email: fssl-outreach@bristol.ac.uk 

Schools and colleges outreach newsletter

If you're a teacher/educator looking to find out how the University can support your students, you can sign up to our termly schools and colleges outreach newsletter for all the latest events and information.

Online resources

Sign up for exclusive access to our free virtual resources, to support your home-learning and super-curricular development.

Our resources have been specifically designed to support students in Years 11-13, and those who are undertaking an Access to HE qualification (the Access to HE Diploma is a popular pathway into study for mature students).

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