Since the late 1800s, the University of Bristol has had a long tradition and excellent reputation in the disciplines of economics, education, law and human geography.

Highlights from our past include:

  • The founder of modern economics, Alfred Marshall, held the first chair in economics at Bristol.
  • The largest ever grant for researching UK poverty was awarded to faculty academics by the Economic and Social Research Council.
  • Bristol was one of the first law schools in the UK to teach EEC Law.
  • Bristol was the first university to establish econometrics as a separate discipline.

Fast forward to 2003 when the present day Faculty of Social Sciences and Law was created, and things have certainly moved on.

Politics, sociology, international studies, policy studies, social work, health sciences, finance, management and human geography have enriched the faculty and helped us to build our globally-recognised reputation for research and teaching in social sciences and law.

Wills Memorial Building - view from Park Street
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