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Dr Sebastiaan Verweij receives University Research Fellowship

23 March 2017

Dr Sebastiaan Verweij has received a University Research Fellowship to complete his work in the Textual Companion to The Oxford Editions of the Sermons of John Donne in 2017/2018. This book will present the first-ever, comprehensive bibliographical record of every early printed book and manuscript containing full sermons or other references to Donne’s sermonic output. It will also explain the ways in which Donne’s sermons have reached us, outline the principles on which the edition is based, and provide a template for further study and editions of other early modern sermons. Sebastiaan will also work on the AHRC-funded project Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England with Noah Millstone (PI), design and populate a digital humanities database with pictures and transcription of a British Library corpus of manuscripts, and conduct archival research at Woburn Abbey. The Department sends its warmest congratulations to Sebastiaan on his fellowship award for this programme of compelling research activities.

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