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Claudio Cataldi to showcase his work at Research without Borders

20 April 2017

PhD student Claudio Cataldi is one of the 100 postgraduate researchers who have been selected to display their work at Research without Borders 2017, an exploration and celebration of the latest postgraduate research emerging from the University of Bristol. 

On Friday 12th May from 2 to 4.30pm at Colston Hall, Claudio will exhibit a poster that sums up a section of his PhD project, which deals with Middle English vernacular debates of the body and the soul. Using his poster as a sort of mind map, Claudio will show how the medieval Latin examples of this genre find their roots both in early Christian homiletic (as already discussed by scholars) and in Syriac verse disputes (an aspect underestimated by previous scholarship on the subject). These Latin poems, which were later adapted in Middle English, were also inspired by different rhetorical patterns: not only by Scholastc disputationes, as previosly thought, but, in a case, also by declamationes. If you would like to know more about how this literary theme travelled across the Mediterranean Sea, register for free here.
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