Ultrasonics and Non-destructive Testing Laboratory

The non-destructive testing laboratory principally conducts research into five areas:

  • phased array imaging;
  • materials characterisation (e.g. nonlinear ultrasound);
  • structural health monitoring;
  • NDT of composites; and
  • ultrasonic particle manipulation.

In order to support this research there are a number of general purpose items such as pulser receivers, amplifiers, oscilloscopes, signal generators and ultrasonic transducers.

The laboratory has specialist kit in the form of:

  • a Faraday cage
  • an inteferometer
  • three phased array controllers;
  • a large collection of phased arrays;
  • a high frequency pulser receiver (200MHz);
  • a Schleiren system (for wave visualisation) and;
  • a particle manipulation controller.

The laboratory houses a large stock of samples from many industries and in a variety of materials.

UNDT laboratory facilities
Acoustic levitation
UNDT facilities
Wand prototype
Faraday cage
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