High Performance Networks Group

The High Performance Networks (HPN) Group, which is part of the Smart Internet Lab and currently led by Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, specialises in the application of advanced hardware and software network technologies for Future Internet Infrastructure.

The HPN Group is an international leader and highly influential in the fields of Future Internet Experimentation, 5G and Beyond 5G Networking, Optical Networks, Quantum Networking, Data Centre and Cloud Computing, Software and Hardware Defined Networking, and AI assisted Networking.

Over the years, the HPN Group has made significant breakthroughs in technology areas.  These include End-to-End Network Slicing, Software Defined Networking, QKD networking, Network Function Virtualisation, Hardware Programmable Network Functions, End-to-End 5G Network Orchestration, Optical-Wireless-IT Infrastructure Convergence, as well as a field trial of emerging 5G applications and services in 5G Urban and Smart City Infrastructures.

The HPN Group has a strong experimental focus and a large portfolio of research projects funded by the European Union, UK National Funding Agencies and industrial collaborations.

Research excellence in networks is the key objective for the HPN Group. In the Group, we are working on ambitious research projects focusing on hardware & software development for future networks, such as Self-Driving Networks and Quantum Internet.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Interim Head of the High Performance Networks (HPN) Group

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